The App

bitKlavier, the software that drives the prepared digital piano, is available for OSX and iPad:

  • The iPad version is available at the App Store; check out the short video below to see it in action–it’s sweet! A Lightning-USB “camera-kit” adaptor works with most USB MIDI keyboards, making this version super handy and fully functional.
  • We have decided to make the OSX version freely available as an ongoing beta. At some point we may do the necessary wrapping to make it available on the Mac App Store, but for now download it here. The OSX version has a rich sample set that takes a couple minutes to load, and is the recommended version for performances where the best sound quality is desired (that said, the iPad version with the “medium” sound-set loaded sounds great).
    • version 1 (recommended, most tested and used in performance)
    • version 2 (new features, but not tested in performance)

We are currently rebuilding bitKlavier from the ground up in C++, which should enable us to target more platforms, including plugin formats; stay tuned.

here is a short video about how to to setup the OSX version of bitKlavier, version 1:

and here is a slightly longer video demonstrating the iPad version:

finally, a collection of Quick and Dirty bittyTutorials for version 2:

also, the Getting Started with bitKlavier pdf, and the bitKlavier_Examples pdf, annotations for the examples that ship with the app, might be of use.