Delphica Gaedhica

for Vocal Consort 
2014  ⤥  11′

Delphica Gaedhlica is a macaronic setting of the third of the Prophetiae Sibyllarum and is inspired in part by the wonderful Lassus motets. The setting is primarily in Irish, using a translation by Iarla Ó Lionáird made for this piece, though parts of the Latin and English versions also find their way in. The opening clause–He shall not come slowly–takes on strikingly different characters in the different languages, lyrical in the Latin, a bit cumbersome in English, and almost violent in Irish; these characters gallivant and occasionally meet, suggesting different meanings as the piece develops.

Originally composed for CTTBarB (Gallicantus), I created a new version of Delphica Gaedhlica in 2020 for Variant 6 (SSATTB). I also made a version for SSATTB and two fiddles which has yet to be done (thanks COVID!).

workshop performance by Variant 6

Score and Performance Materials

score (original version, CTTBarB)
score (SSAATB)
score (SSAATB + two fiddles)

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