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Trio—for violin, cello, and bitKlavier
Songs That Are Hard To Sing—for So Percussion and the JACK Quartet
Inside Out—for bitKlavier, performed by Cristina Altamura
Fead an Iolair—Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and Dan Trueman, Hardanger d’Amores
There Might Be Others—choreographed by Rebecca Lazier
Waveguide Model I—created with Mark DeChiazza, performed by PRISM Quartet
Four Squared for Ligeti—Kathy Supove and Sideband
Systerslått—performed by Adam Sliwinski
neither Anvil nor Pulley—So Percussion
Five (and-a-half) Gardens—for Trollstilt and So Percussion, Animated Paintings by Judy Trueman
The Lobster Quadrille—for Bowed Sensor Speaker Array (BoSSA), by Dan Trueman
Transparent Body (excerpts)—Rebecca Lazier, Christopher Williams, and Dan Trueman (electric violin, R-Bow, electronics)