Preludes for bitKlavier

A collection of solo works for bitKlavier, composed by Dan Trueman for (and recorded by) Cristina Altamura and Adam Sliwinski.

“Some years ago I set out to compose twenty-four preludes for bitKlavier, two in each key signature, the idea being that the key signatures would encourage me to think about the hands in different ways on the keyboard. I’ve composed twelve so far, most of them directly inspired by other works both old and new, for piano or not. Cristina Altamura and Adam Sliwinski have been inspirational partners in this process, and have made beautiful recordings of all twelve, sometimes with different approaches and interpretations
—Dan Trueman

Listen and learn more about each through the links below, where the individual recordings and scores are available:

Inside Out
Helene’s Shadow
El Niño
Goldberg Pedal Slip

Album to be released in late-2023/early-2024, streaming, CD, and vinyl; more information coming as the release approaches, check back! Read about them and listen as they are released here.