or violin, 6-string electric violin/laptop, and cello  
2001  ⤥  12′

Still was composed for the American Composers Orchestra OrchestraTech Festival in 2001. Still (which originally had the awkward and irritating title, dis-(re)locations) was completed on September 11, 2001 — I was holding the score in my hands as the news of that day came in — and premiered just a dozen blocks north of the WTC site the following month; I went as close to the site as I could that evening and watched the empty trucks move in and the overloaded trucks move out. While not normally prone to paranormal or metaphysical thinking, I found it disconcertingly eerie that the kinds of musical ideas I was working with in the piece — continuity vs. discontinuity; slowly descending, vanishing gestures; recollection; disintegration; senses of place — were so powerfully — indeed overwhelmingly — at work during that day, and yet the piece had been completed earlier, without any knowledge of what was to come. 

The Max patch for this piece is defunct, but something similar could be recreated by an intrepid electric violinist; feel free to reach out if you are interested in exploring that possibility.

As performed by Courtney Orlando, Florent Renard Payen, and Dan Trueman:

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