the bitKlavier Commissions

New Pieces for bitKlavier by Jenny Beck, Chris Douthitt, Noah Fishman, Molly Herron, Pascal Le Boeuf, Nate May, Annika Socolofsky and Bora Yoon

commissioned by the Humanities Council and the Edward T. Cone ’39 *42 Fund at Princeton University. 

The bitKlavier Commissions is a collection of pieces composed for bitKlavier by a group of wonderful composers I’ve known for many years. With funding from the Cone Foundation through the Humanities Council at Princeton, I was able to commission this group to explore the instrument and create some small pieces; I am SO excited by what they have written, and am learning a lot about the instrument in the process. When I first created bitKlavier, it was a direct outgrowth of my own compositional process, and after initially sharing some of the pieces I had made with/for it, I learned that others might be interested in working with it as well, but given how idiosyncratic and personal it is, it’s a fair question whether it’s toooooo much mine for others to be able to make it their own. For me, these pieces put that question to rest”
—Dan Trueman

Listen and learn more about each through the links below, where the individual recordings and scores are available:

Pascal Le Boeuf
Nate May
Molly Herron
Annika Socolofsky
Chris Douthitt
Noah Fishman
Jenny Beck
Bora Yoon

The complete album will be released in late-2023/early-2024; check back for updates! Read about them and listen as they are released here.