Waveguide Models I & II

for the PRISM Quartet (I) and open instrumentation (II) 
2017/19  ⤥  10–15′

Waveguide Model I is collective decision-making piece created with Mark DeChiazza for the PRISM Quartet, inspired by emergent phenomena like flocking and schooling as well as pieces like Riley’s In C, Andriessen’s Workers Union, many of Cornelius Cardew’s works (The Great Learning), and my own Clapping Machine Music Variations and There Might Be Others, all of which are participatory pieces in some fashion (see the postamble for more of a pre-history and rationale). The piece was composed with the broader aim that meaningful interaction and feedback between the players and other elements, visuals in particular, might be possible, and was deeply inspired by conversations and collaborations with Naomi Leonard.

Waveguide Model II is a variation on Model I, with slightly different constraints, and open to any instruments of any number.

still from DeChiazza’s projections for Waveguide Model I

Score and Performance Materials

Waveguide Model I score/part
Waveguide Model II score
Waveguide Model Initial Condition Examples
Waveguide Model II bitKlavier Galleries

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Commissioned by PRISM Quartet, Inc., with support from The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage